Jnaneswari provides financial support for the underprivileged students to complete
their education. We provide the students with sufficient training to flourish their skills needed to build a career.
Through scientific training, skill analysis, counseling and career guidance we lead our students to attain success in all
stages of their education. In alliance with various govt. institutions, private organisations and groupswe are able to
provide financial aids for the deserving individuals for their higher education. We also provide educational
equipments and financial aids for building required infrastructure for necessitous schools. Beyond the classroom
studies we also give value based education to mould a student with ethical values by collaborating with well-known
charitable societies. Our mission is to make the quality education available for everyone and there by
moulding a better society with educational and moral values.

We got 80G approval from Income Tax department vide approval No. AABAJ8481C/17-18/S-0133/80G